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Karwa Chauth or Karak Chaturthi

The shining moon, jingling of Bangles, and twinkling of Payal. It reminds husbands about the promise that binds them with their wives and proves the deep love. All this happens on Karwa Chauth that’s why every Indian woman waits for it throughout the year. It is celebrated as an important occasion, which strengthens the deep bond between married couples.

Karwa Chauth, the symbol of wife’s love towards her husband is celebrated in India as the most famous festivals by the Hindus as well as Punjabi women. This festival is celebrated mostly in the Western and Northern states like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Haryana in India.

Indians believe that marriage is one of the most sanctified bonds for the lifetime. That’s why;Karwa Chauth is being celebrated with joy and zeal among every married woman. On this special day, all married women tries to look their best in the wedding clothes and also apply Mehandi (Heena) on their whole hands.

KarvaChauth is a special day for women to keep fast for their beloved husband. On this day, they pray for the safety and the healthy life of their beloved husbands. Just like all other festivals, Karwa Chauth is also celebrated with friends and relatives by together enjoying delicious food and sweets. All the decorations, jewelry, Heena and joyous atmosphere signify the glory and happiness of a happy married life.

In this year 2016, Karwa Chauth falls on October 19.

Preparation for Karwa Chauth

The preparation of Karwa Chauth starts with buying dresses. Some woman prefers to wear their wedding dresses while the others wear a new dress on every Karwa Chauth. And then the shopping starts for new bangles, jewelry, and other cosmetic items, but the most interesting part of the celebration is the evening before Karwa Chauth when the women applies Mehndi pattern on their whole hands and feet.

Fasting during the event

The married women woke up at 4 in the morning to prepare ‘Sargi’ to eat along with other fruits. According to the old tradition Sargi is being given by the mother in law, but it varies from region to region. After having the Sargi, woman (except pregnant and sick) cannot even have a single drop of water. The interesting thing about the fast is that some husbands also observe a fast for their wives. They do so to show their love and affection to their wives.

The process of Karwa Chauth Pooja

The main Pooja is carried out in the noon, when a group of woman gathers around the statue of Goddess Gauari and seek for the long and blissful life of their husband. Then an elderly woman narrates the whole Karwa Chauth story to the married women.

The rising of moon

After performing the Pooja, the entire woman eagerly waits for the moon to rise. It’s a very common scene in every house that the husbands and children keep visiting the terrace to see whether the moon has aroused or not.

When the moon rises, woman glances at the moon through a sieve and breaks their fast by having sweets from their husband’s hand. In India, it is the tradition to touch their husband’s feet on Karwa Chauth.

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